Midwifery Care

Midwives affirm the power and strength of people giving birth and 

honor the normalcy of reproductive life cycles.

Myself and all the midwives listed proudly serve queer,

transgender and gender nonconforming individuals. 

Midwives believe every person has a right to:

  • Equitable, ethical, accessible quality health care that promotes healing and health
  • Health care that respects human dignity, individuality and diversity among groups
  • Complete and accurate information to make informed health care decisions
  • Self-determination and active participation in health care decisions
  • Involvement of an individuals designated family members, to the extent desired,
  • in all health care experiences

As a senior midwifery student, I work under the direct supervision of licensed midwives

in the community. We specialize in planned home births, well person/PAP screening, 

in home fertility counseling and insemination (IUI). 

 If you are considering a home birth, home insemination,  well person care or are just curious about our services, please contact us!

​Here are some of the wonderful midwives I practice with:

​Andrea Ruizquez: www.oaklandpartera.com

Michelle Borok: www.michelleborok.com

Kristen Graser: www.fruitsoflabor.org

*Se habla Español,  Se fala Portugues*

Contact me...​​

Dear Community-

Happy 2017! 

​Please stay tuned for more information regarding my Midwifery Practice and Montrice Services coming this year! As always please don't hesitate to contact me with questions regarding midwifery care and birth options. 

​Mariposa Massage & Birth Support   510-485-8790